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William Samson DDS, Summit Dental

We have worked with BBG Contractors on three separate occasions, two were for commercial construction.  Our commercial buildings were medical related, one being a renovation and the other new construction.  Our residential project was an extensive kitchen remodel.  I do not feel the planning and construction process could have gone any better.  Jared Brown was very involved in the planning process and did an incredible job working with the architect and the city.  Once construction began, because of incredible foremen and project managers, deadlines were met and the building process went very well.  The materials used, quality of construction, and the finished project exceeded my expectations.  The cleanliness was incredible, we had no problem living in our house while our kitchen remodel was completed.  The commercial sites were kept clean and safe.  I have referred several other individuals to BBG for both commercial and residential construction.  I am looking forward to our next project and won’t consider using anyone else.